Our boxing classes are the perfect combination of fast-paced cardio, strength training, and technique development, designed to help you develop your stamina, agility, and body strength. In addition to learning proper form, footwork, and ways to maximize the power in your punches, our instructors at Urban Boxing have developed energizing workouts that are guaranteed to keep you engaged and on target to meeting your fitness goals. If your primary workout goal is to lose weight, the amount of calories burned during your workout is an important consideration. According to fitness resource website, a 155-lb. boxer will burn between 780 and 920 calories in a 60-minute boxing workout, depending on the exact activities in a given session. By comparison, this is 2 times more calories than you would burn lifting weights, dancing or doing low-impact aerobics weighing 155 lbs. It’s also more burn of moderate jogging, rowing or high impact aerobics.


  • Sharpen self-defense skills
  • Torch calories
  • Build lean muscle and agility


  • Difficulty Level 75%
  • Fat Loss Effectiveness 90%
  • Strength Building 60%
  • Fun 85%